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Human Bean Greeley

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Coffee Shop



2610 W. 10th St

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(970) 352 -3606

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10:30AM - 11:30AM
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**When selecting the "Blended" option, it is our traditional granita made with caffeinated espresso, whole milk and sugar. For delivery we are unable to modify the ingredients. This drink is customizable with addition of other flavors from the provided list. For our extensive dietary options please visit one of our locations. **The following is a breakdown of shots per drink: 16oz - 2 shots of espresso 20oz - 4 shots of espresso 32oz - 5 shots of espresso **DUE TO THE NATURE OF DELIVERY, WE DO NOT PUT WHIP CREAM ON DRINKS.




Espresso shots and milk of your choice. Select 1/2 and 1/2 for Breve and we use Morning Fresh Chocolate Milk for Mocha.



A sweetened and spiced tea concentrate that is mixed equally with a milk base of choice (standard is 2%). We offer 5 varieties of Chai.

Matcha Latte


Organic Ceremonial Grade Matcha from Local Two Leaves and a Bud; made with your preferred milk base. Matcha is stone ground tea providing maximum health benefits from this antioxidant rich superfood.

Steve Smith Tea


Steve Smith Tea is a collection of high-end whole leaf teas in biodegradable mesh sachets.

Specialty Coffees


All of our drip coffees are responsibility sourced through our Farm Friendly Direct Program. All of our coffees are brewed to the same strength, each of the roasts offer their own specific flavor profile based upon the region the beans are from and the roasting techniques used to highlight diverse flavors.

Iced Coffee


A chilled version of our Italian Roast Coffee that is only poured over ice after it is chilled so that it remains as strong as our hot brews.



A clean and perfectly balanced flavor is the highlight of this cold brewed coffee which uses time vs temperature to produce a smooth, low acidic brew. We always use our current Regional Roast for our Toddy.

Drip Coffee Box


Disposable beverage containers for a crowd; Serving 10-12, 16oz drinks. Includes all the trimming: cream, sugar, and chocolate beans of course!

Hot Chocolate Box


1 gallon of our favorite all natural hot chocolate. Our hot chocolate uses our Morning Fresh all natural chocolate milk and comes with a can of whip cream to top it off cup-by-cup. Price includes any flavor choice - please note in Special Instructions.

Latte/Mocha/Breve Box


1 gallon of your choice of a latte, mocha or breve. We can still meet dietary restrictions by making this box with a requested milk base or decaf if desired. Just note it under special instructions.

Specialty Coffee Box


1 gallon of any specialty drink. This could include Chai, Snow Capped Rocky, Aztec or another choice of a flavored latte, mocha or breve. Please make requests for additional flavors in the "Special Instructions" box - no additional charges.

Energy Drinks

Frozen Favorites

Food Options

For all food selections, please note your preference of flavor or variety AND 1-2 other acceptable options. If you only wish to receive the item requested and no substitution will do, please be sure to check that box. We will issue a credit if the desired item is not available.

Baked Goods

List top choice and 1-2 additional options for exact selection

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Lunch Hours

Mon - Sun Foco8:00am-2:00pm

Dinner Hours

Mon thru Sat2:00pm-11:00pm


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