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Bawarchi Biryani Point

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1611 S. College Ave Unit 100
Fort CollinsCO80525

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(970) 682 -1521

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11:00AM - 8:15PM
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Vegetarian Appetizers

Paneer 999, 555, Chili Paneer - contains dairy & gluten free. All other appetizers are gluten and dairy free

Non-Vegetarian Appetizers

Chicken Majestic, Guntur Chicken- contains Dairy, Gluten Free All other appetizers are Gluten and Dairy Free 555, 999, Guntur Chicken contains nuts

Seafood Appetizers

Apollo fish - contains nuts, Gluten Free, Dairy-Free. All other Seafood - Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Nut Free

Side Orders

Breads from India subcontinent are very different from traditional western bread loaf. The diversity in food habits is variant throughout the country with wide selection of breads, Bawarchi Biryani Point brings it to your table with the perfect complement to all entrees. All Naan & Roti contains Gluten, but is Dairy & Nut Free. Puri - Dairy and Nut Free, contains Gluten


Chicken Entrees

Served with Rice. Tikka Saag, Haseena, Korma, Mughlai, Ulvacharu Chicken - contains dairy. Butter Chicken, Chicken Tikka Masala - contains nuts & dairy. Shahi Korma - Nut Free on Request

Mutton (Goat) Entrees

All Goat Entrees are Gluten Free & Nut Free. Manakini, Ulvacharu, Korma, Mughlai - contains dairy.

Lamb Entrees

All Lamb Entrees are Gluten Free & Nut Free Rogan Josh, Korma - contains dairy

Tandoori (Clay Oven) Sizzlers

Most commonly known as a cylindrival clay oven, one of the oldest forms of a grill for cooking barbecue-style dishes and Indian bread. At Bawarchi Biryani Point you would not miss that authenticity and taste. All Tandoori has dairy, Gluten Free and Nut Free. Mint Chutney contains dairy, nuts and is Gluten Free. All Tandoori items will take minimum of 20 minutes.

Vegetarian Entrees

Served with rice. Dal Tadka, Channa Masala - dairy free on request

Seafood Entrees


All are Gluten Free, Egg Korma - contains dairy

Bawarchi Biryanis

Biryani: A versatile Hyderabadi offering of meat/vegetables marinated in herbs and spices is layered with long grain basmati rice and steamed to perfection in a tightly sealed, heavy bottomed dish (dup-process). All Biryani dishes are served with cool cucumber, onion raita (yogurt dip) along with mirchi ka salan as the ideal accompaniment to this house special. All Biryani ant the Raita contains dairy, but is gluten and nut free. Salan - contains sesame seeds, poppy seeds, peanuts and cashew nuts. Family Pack Includes: Biryani for 2 + Appetizer + Dessert (Chef's Choice), Family Pack is only for TAKE-OUT.

Indo Chinese Specialties

All Noodles, Gobi Manchirian (Wet) - contains Gluten, Dairy Free, Nut Free. All Fried Rice - Gluten & Nut Free



South Indian Special

A gorgeous crepe of southern India is whipped up from perfectly-fermented rice/lentil batter served with coconut, ginger chutney, tomato chutney and sambar (lentil soup) Idly - contains Gluten, Dairy & Nut Free Vada - Dairy, Gluten and Nut Free


Dosa's - All Rava Dosa's contain Gluten. Paneer Tikka, Chicken Tikka, Ghee Roast, Podi Dosa, Cheese Dosa, Spring Dosa - contain dairy. All Dosa are Gluten Free. All Rava Dosa will take minimum of 20-25 minutes.


Uthappam - Gluten, Dairy & Nut Free Coconut Chutney contains nuts, but is Dairy & Gluten Free. Tomato Ginger Chutney - Nut & Dairy Free

North Indian Specials

Puri Bhaji, Chole Puri, Bhature - contains Gluten & Dairy. All others are Nut Free

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Lunch Hours

Mon - Sun Foco8:00am-2:00pm

Dinner Hours

Mon thru Sat2:00pm-11:00pm


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