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Nordy's BBQ and Grill

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4360 St Cloud Dr

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(970) 461 -9227

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11:00AM - 8:30PM
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11:00AM - 8:30PM
11:00AM - 8:30PM
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Served with one side and all the fixins


Maximum Order

If your order exceeds $300 please call the restaurant to place your order

Ques & Combos

Served with a cornbread muffin & your choice of two sides.

Rib Tip Platter GFO


One pound of our double smoked rib tips. Mouthwatering good.

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Nordy's Brisket GFO


Even Texans are envious of this. Hand-trimmed, slow smoked and very tender.

Carolina Pork GFO


Hickory smoked overnight and chopped to order.

Down-Home Roasted Chicken GFO


Slow roasted and rubbed with spices this chicken is grilled to order with a nice crisp skin.

Bar-B-Que Chicken GFO


We take our roasted chicken, slather it with our Kansas City BBQ Sauce and finish it on the grill.

Smoked Turkey GFO


BBQ rubbed turkey breast that we smoke over hickory wood for up to 4-hours.

Smoked Sausage GFO


Your choice of hot links or smoked sausage that we grill just before serving.

Catfish Platter


Tender catfish filets rolled in cornmeal and fried to perfection. Served with a Cajun remoulade for dipping.

Chicken Tenders


White meat chicken, lightly breaded and cooked to a golden brown. Served with honey mustard dressing for dipping.

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Adult Mac N Cheese


Our housemade Mac N Cheese with bacon and tomatoes. Then top it with your choice of brisket, pork, sausage or turkey. We then finish it with a drizzle of our Colorado Wildfire BBQ Sauce and Nordy's Texas Toothpicks. Served with a cornbread muffin and jalapenos upon request. Sides are not included.

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Two-Meat Combo GFO


Why have one, when you can have two of the meat selections from: chicken, pork, brisket, turkey, catfish, sausage, hot links, buffalo wings (buffalo or hot bbq), chicken tenders or rib tips.

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St. Louis Rib N' Meat Combo GFO


Four of our mouthwatering ribs served with one additional choice: chicken, pork, brisket, turkey, catfish, sausage, hot links, buffalo wings (buffalo or hot BBQ), chicken tenders or rib tips.

Signature Sandwiches

Served with your choice of one side.

Carolina Pork Sandwich GFO


Our signature hickory wood smoked pork chopped to order and served on a toasted bun.

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Nordy's Brisket Sandwich GFO


Smoked for 14-hours and piled high on a toasted bun.

Catfish Po' Boy


Fried catfish served on a freshly baked hoagie with cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle and our Cajun remoulade.

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Ronnie's Brisket Dip Sandwich


Tender beef brisket on a fresh baked hoagie with swiss cheese. Served with Nordy's Texas Toothpicks and au jus on the side.

Three Little Pigs Sandwich GFO


Hot link sausage, smoked Carolina pork, cheddar cheese and bacon piled high on a toasted bun.

Scooter Stack Sandwich


Texas toast, jalapeno cream cheese, American, Swiss, griddled onions and our jalapeno BBQ sauce with your choice of hot links or smoked sausage.

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Hopper Grilled Cheese


Jalapeno cream cheese, cheddar, tomato and Texas BBQ sauce with your choice of brisket, pork or smoked turkey.

Southwest Philly Sandwich


We take our traditional philly and kick it up a notch with creamy queso and jalapeno cream cheese. Jalapenos added upon request.

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Texas Two-Step Sandwich GFO


Smoked brisket and smoked sausage, topped with Nordy's Texas Toothpicks on a toasted bun.

World's Best Turkey Sandwich GFO


Smoked turkey with cheddar cheese and BBQ mayo, lettuce, tomato, onion and pickle. Served on a toasted bun.

Pulled Chicken Sandwich GFO


Pulled, roasted chicken is mixed with our signature house BBQ sauce and topped with melted cheddar cheese. Served on a toasted bun.

The Two-Hander Sandwich GFO


Smoked brisket, pork and turkey topped with Swiss, cheddar and two slices of hickory bacon. Served on a toasted bun.

Dan's BBQ Cubano Sandwich GFO


Chopped Carolina pork with Swiss cheese, pickles and our Carolina Mustard BBQ sauce. Served on a toasted bun.

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Philly Sandwich GFO


Served with grilled onions, and your choice of yellow or white cheese. Nordy's recommends the yellow. Served on a fresh baked hoagie. Jalapenos added upon request.

Family Feasts

Ribs & Rib Platters

Hand-rubbed and hickory smoked for up to 5-hours. We slather them with BBQ sauce and seal the flavor with a gentle flame-kiss. If you want to put the sauce on yourself, just order them naked. Platters served with a cornbread muffin and two sides.

Lite Bites



Lil Buckaroos Menu

Includes your choice of one side

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Mon - Sun Foco8:00am-2:00pm

Dinner Hours

Mon thru Sat2:00pm-11:00pm


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