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The Fox and the Crow

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2601 S Lemay Ave Unit 9
Fort CollinsCO80525

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(970) 999 -2229

Delivery Hours

11:00AM - 6:30PM
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Soup & Salad

Cheese & Meat Retail

Proscuitto di parma half pound


Aged 12 to 15 month Italian prosciutto

Jumpin' good goat chevre tubs (Local)


Creamy chevre made in colorado- we carry Plain OR Garlic&Parsley, please comment your choice!

Prairie Breeze


Pasteurized cow's milk white cheddar, aged a minimum of 9 months, from Milton Creamery in Iowa. (1/2 lbs)

Prima Donna


Pasteurized cow's milk gouda, aged for 1 year, from Holland. (1/2 lbs)

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MouCo Assorted


Pasteurized cow's milk camembert style, soft ripened cheese, from Fort Collins, Co!

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MouCo Fresh Cheese Curds


(Limited Availability) Pasteurized cow's milk cheddar style cheese curds from Fort Collins, CO!

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House-Made Mozz


(Limited Availability) Fox & Crow's house-made mozzarella, pasteurized cow's milk, made fresh!

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BelGioioso Burrata


Pasteurized cow's milk cheese, cream filled mozzarella, comes with two, from Wisconsin.



Pasteurized cow's milk blue cheese, aged minimum of 3 months, from Midlands England. (1/2 lbs)

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Mt. Tam


Pasteurized organic cow's milk, soft ripened triple cream bloomy rind, from Cowgirl Creamery in California. (1/2 lbs)

Campo de Montalban


Pasteurized blended milk (Cow, Sheep & Goat) manchego style cheese, aged minimum of 3 months, from Spain. (1/2 lbs)

Red Dragon


Pasteurized cow's milk cheddar made with wholegrain mustard and brown ale, semi-hard wax wrapped cheese from Wales. (1/2 lbs)

Comte Marcel Petit


Raw cow's milk cheese, alpine style aged 18 months, from France. (1/2 lbs)

Gruyere 1655


Raw cow's milk cheese, alpine style aged 14 months, from Switzerland. (1/2 lbs)

Maple Smoked Cheddar


Raw cow's milk, cold smoked over maple wood from Grafton Vermont

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Cambozola Black Label Blue


Pasteurized cow's milk blue/brie blend from Germany.

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Buffalo Summer Sausage


Buffalo summer sausage, 5 oz. piece, from Fort Lupton.

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Mole Salami


Chocolate stout salami, 5 oz. piece, from Elevations in Denver.

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Bellentani Salami


Italian salami, 7 oz. piece

Snacks & Small Plates

All items in this section served hot

Cold Sandwiches

Made on our house-baked baguettes comes with Boulder Chips and a house-made dill pickle.

Hot Sandwiches

Made on our house-baked baguettes comes with Boulder Chips and a house-made dill pickle.


Family Meals

All items served cold w/ Heat instructions

To go Cheese and Meat Plates

Selections chosen daily, no modification or substitutions

Party To Go Boxes

Picnic in a box, each box comes with 3 cheeses, meat or jam, bag of crackers and the option to add a starter kit




Tips For The Fox and the Crow Staff (Not The Driver)

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Lunch Hours

Mon - Sun Foco8:00am-2:00pm

Dinner Hours

Mon thru Sat2:00pm-11:00pm


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